Monday-Friday from 7:00 am / Sunday from 8:30 am

Empanadas 2 Fried pocket Corn meal stuffed with Beef, Chicken or Cheese

Arepas or Sandwich Fried Corn meal dough round shaped and stuffed with Chicken, Cheese, Egg or HamOmelet

Primavera 3 eggs with spinach, Mozzarella and Ham

My Crazy Eggs 2 fried with diced peppers, onions, ham spinach & cheese a fried arepa and magic sauce

Regular and arepitas 2 Scramble eggs Revuelto with, ham & cheese a fried arepa and magic sauce

Scramble Perico 2 Scramble eggs with, pico de gallo . arepa and magic sauce

Entero 2 whole eggs with, ham, grits and arepa or toast with magic sause

Grits and Shrimps 6 shrimps with spinach and tomato over grits Venezuelan style and toast

Spanish cup tortilla 2 Spanish cup tortilla with potato and sauté onions cooked Venezuelan style, with toast and magic sauce

D’Road Café Oat meal and fruits

Smoothies Choices (Fruit of the day available)