D’Road Cafe  will be closed from Sunday July 1st To  Sunday July 8th  for a summertime brake

.                                          🙋‍♂️ All our team wishes you a very happy 4th of July 2018✨ 



I Believe…

I believe…

…In God,

…in myself

…In the the purpose of God letting us to be here

…In the feelings of those who let themselves see beyond

…in friends who appreciate simple insignificant things

And I believe D’ Road Cafe is here to contribute to your good healthy eating and give you a little bit of love throughout our cooking and care.




D’Road Cafe now Opens Saturday Mornings!

crazy eggs

D’Road Cafe will be closed on Sundays.

It is so important for D’Road Cafe team to attend church service and be able to spend quality time with our family.
How ever we are happy to inform you that we will be open instead on Saturday mornings, for you to come and have an unique breakfast with us.
We are very exited about our Saturday breakfast as we will be introducing for the first time our creative line of delicious Omelets, all made from natural,organic healthy ingredients.


Remember to check our Facebook page to know more about the menu we will be serving, hope to see you soon!