droadcafe D’Road Cafe began operations in 2011 at Atlanta Hwy and Bell Road with no more than 6 tables; the idea was to provide a healthy alternative for breakfast, lunch and dinner for those who wanted to eat hearty Latin food.

People started talking about our little place and thanks to them and the community we were given the opportunity to grow and open a 2nd location in Downtown were we have capacity for 50 people.

Our motto is that you can eat and feel at home!

We don’t have a conventional restaurant, I really want you to feel at home, when you go home, and you say ‘Mom, what do you have?’ She says, ‘Come to the kitchen and see.’ You say, ‘OK, I want this, this and this.’ No PAPER MENU, You take your plate and sit down. So that’s how we work; choose your table, get your drink and when you are ready tell us your selection of one meat and three sides all included in one price. (We offer different selection every day as well as  desserts.

I believe that food is happiness and I want to share that with my family and friends, I want you to be part of our family too; we will be expecting to hear from you,